Physio-Led Classes


Pilates, Cardio, Stretch & More 

£40 Unlimited Monthly Pass 

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Rehab Works delivers educational and safe home workouts for fitness and mild injuries in comfort of your own home. 



Weekly LIVE Classes are great to exercise in real time & feel apart of our community. After these classes you will also have the opportunity to talk with a Physiotherapist. Please book the LIVE classes you want to attend in good time. You will receive a unique streaming link 30mins before your class starts and you can stream through any device. 

Having issues with our LIVE stream, please use our Live Stream Troubleshooting below.





Rehab Works On Demand TV has over 150 workouts for Beginners to Advanced participants. We upload 9 new classes a week. We also film additional content focusing on certain injuries or injury prevention for neck & back pain, pelvic floor strengthening, shoulder injuries and more.

Just bought your pass and need access to our On Demand TV? Please click the button below to start watching or just view what we have on offer. 


Virtual Physiotherapy Assessment

Need a little more support? Book your Virtual Physiotherapy Assessment today for a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, recommendations and advice for your needs.



Amie Manning BSc Hons


Thank you for visiting my website. I have been a physiotherapist since 2006 and have enjoyed a very successful career running my own rehab centres. I now run a thriving online business delivering a variety of workouts to people all over the world . I love being able to reach anyone, anywhere and I just love sharing my knowledge and skills as a Physiotherapist. 


- Musculoskeletal Injuries including back & neck pain, osteoarthritis, shoulder injuries, post surgery, muscle strains & sprains, knee and ankle injuries & more

- General Fitness improving flexibility, posture, strength, balance, coordination, stamina & Injury prevention. 

- Pre & Postnatal Rehabilitation including pregnancy , pelvic floor dysfunction & diastasis recti (Tummy gap separation). 

- Cancer Rehabilitation before, during and after cancer treatments 


LIVE Class Schedule 


7pm - Clinical Pilates - 55min 

8:00pm - Stretch & Release​ - 30min 


9:30am - LIVE Clinical Pilates - 55min 


9:30am - Clinical Pilates - 45min

(Pregnancy Friendly)


6pm - Clinical Pilates - 55min

7:00pm – Low Impact Cardio - 30min


9:30am - Clinical Pilates - 55min

You may require some props with our classes so keep a chair or some hand weights close by.


All the above classes are recorded and added to our On Demand TV each week. 

Additional Pre Recorded Classes are HIIT - 30min (Every Tuesday) & Express Pilates - 30mins (Every Friday) 

Don't have a Smart Phone or Tablet? Please book via our browser booking system below rather than our App. 

On Demand Schedule 


Corporate Health & Wellbeing

We are proud to work with large organisations providing all year round access to our On Demand Library and designing commissioned videos dependant on your employees needs. Looking after your employees health and well-being is essential for a happy and productive workforce. 


Macmillan Cancer Support Testimonial 

'Macmillan’s whole workforce is currently home based, and the organisation is providing as much health and wellbeing support as possible. Our teams spend long hours at their desks, and now at home, supporting people living with cancer, and we wanted to give open access to Pilates techniques that would help them maintain healthy working practices.

Amie provided exactly what we needed, and the take up and feedback from our teams has been excellent. The combination of Amie’s physiotherapy skills and Pilates expertise and extensive experience means she is able to adapt the sessions to address specific needs.

I’m really happy to have worked with Amie on behalf of Macmillan, and highly recommend her.'


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